Monday, January 26, 2009


One thing I noticed that I have NOT been doing is blogging about personal stuff!

So one of the blog resolutions for this year is to
blog more about what is going on with me!

So to start the new year off right I want to talk about my
quest for getting fit!

Now some of you may know I was a rhythmic gymnast for
about 12 years of my life starting in elementary school
all the way through freshman year of college... my ankles
and feet just got tired... to put it best.
Here is a couple of pics of what rhythmic gymnastic is...


All those years I trained hard and never thought about eating
right or working out to stay fit. It was just like a job you
just did it.

Well 25 came and so did beer ha! And then 29 and 30 came and
so did a thyroid problem. And well the weight did too! And now
the quest to get it off has been well about a 1.5 year quest!

But the light is at the end of the tunnel! Today i reach 142!

Now the entire reason for this post is about how I got there not
just by eating right... well not all the time my wine calls me at
times and so do my hot wings at Eli's.

But I do owe it all to my trainer Merle and his gym Crossfit USA!.

You need to google crossfit to really understand it but in the few
short months I have been crossfitting I have noticed a HUGE difference
in my body shape and feel tighter so you def should try it out!

But I am so excited even more for Crossfit USA because they are now offering a BRIDAL BOOTCAMP!

It's an 6 week amazing bootcamp 3 days a week! So by the time you get
down the aisle you look tight, lean and even more amazing than you do!

I HIGHLY recommend looking into it! But for a short time only
Crossfit USA is offering a $100.00 off the bootcamp!

Just print out the coupon below or mention my site and get $100.00 OFF!!

Now how could you go wrong!

So check it out and tell Merle you know me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kaitlin & Denny : Winter Love

The day after christmas Meg and I met up with Kaitlin and Denny
for their winter wedding!

It was such a great time of the year for a wedding......
The crisp cool air... the smell of snow... which it did snow for
a brief moment..... the holiday lights ....ahhhhh... christmas!
Our day started out with getting ready with Kaitlin!

Now all these images are with the new 5D Mark II!
I rented it over the holiday week and can I say LOVE IT!!!
It will change the way you shoot really!

Okay lets start off with some details!
My fav the SHOES!!!!!!

Kaitlin getting ready!

I love this shot of her mom helping her!

The modern bride checking her emails before she gets married!

Getting married..... what a proud dad she has!


These next two of just K&D are almost my faves!

I LOVE their expressions laughing!

This is by far my new favorite place in city hall for some shots!
Work it girls!

Can I say I am in LOVE!
I saw this table and painting above it.
I was like Kaitlin go sit on the table!
And then it was like a big shinning light came on and...
well you see......

Time to go.....

Now at the reception we had a photobooth .....
Meg had these crazy ideas so I went with it and here
was what she wanted.....

Gotta have alittle fun you know!

At the end of the night just a little kiss......

Kaitlin and Denny thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

Here is your slideshow enjoy!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Right before christmas I got a text message saying.....



I was like huh?

My sister in-law wanted to let me know her cousin Melissa
had a baby girl! It was so exciting for (a) Kendra would
now have a cousin close to her age & (b) I would get to
photographer her! I was jumping with joy!!!!!!


So 2 days after christmas I got to meet up with Cliff, Melissa and Olivia!

See they live in Long Island and home only for a limited time.
This shoot was extra special not only cause Olivia was 6 weeks old
but I had rented the new 5D Mark II!

And all I can say about this camera is OH MY FRIGGIN GOSH!!!

See for yourself!!!!!

TECH: 3200 ISO Shutter 80 Stop 2.8

TECH: 5000 ISO Shutter 80 Stop 3.5
Can I get a HOLY SH**!!!!! SERIOUSLY????

Okay back to the story!

When I shoot newborn I love natural light!
Window light is the best for me!
Check it out!

Come On! The lips and nose touching seriously???

Those little hands oh!!!!!

Mommy time!

Family Time!

And lastly Olivia time!!!!

Oh her little hand!

Olivia cannot wait to see you in 3 months!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


WOW! 2009 IS HERE!

I have been totally slacking on the blog posts an have so much
to catch up on!!!!

Over Christmas I had weddings, portraits and a little bit of ME time!

But I am back and ready to attack the new year FULL FORCE!

To start off the New Year i wanted to invite everyone to come out to see


It is my next gallery showing I am so honored to be a part of. This show is
with 10 other amazing women artists. The theme is women in their travels. There
are all different types of medias in this show and I can tell ya the opening is
going to be amazing!

I am SUPER excited about my pieces and cannot wait to share them with everyone!

So mark the date down

FRIDAY JANUARY 16th ..... 7-10pm
Where: MAC650 .. 650 Main Street Middletown!

Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HAPPY 21ST MEGAN!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it my Megs 21 today!!

It feels like just yesterday she came to work with me and was 19!

Over the past 2 years Meg has gone from being my office girl
to my now 2nd shooter! Boy I have been really lucky!!!!

Here is when Meg first came to work for me.....

Through the course of her first summer Megan quickly adapted
to all situations...

her she is shooting

There have been silly times......

There has been dressing brides times....

And there has been wet times....

And there has been Sexy times.....

this is from a recent shoot of Meg!

Meg I am so glad you came into my world!
Thank you for EVERYTHING and I sooooo look forward
to the up coming year and years with ya!

HAPPY 21 GIRL!!!!!!

Enjoy your birthday tribute here!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bernadette & Danny: love in the snow

The night before B & D's engagement session we had the first BIG snow storm of December!

But being a New Englander and all the next day I got in Rob's SUV
and trucked it down to SoNo!

Almost 3 hours later due to traffic for no reason I arrived!


I started by the docks with B & D!

I just love the buildings and the textures all around there!

This one is my fav of the day!

I feel sneaky in when looking at this photo....

don't ask.....

Kissing on the streets braving the cold!

B & D went on their very first date at MATCH.
The people there were so nice! We got there way early and they let
us go in and take photos before they open! Thanks MATCH!
Next time you are in SoNO check this restaurant out!
The pulled pork app is amazing!
Thanks guys the next one is on me!

Cuddly in the booth! love it!

A C10 inspired photo!

A quick stop after dinner for some caffeine....

And then finish up with some night lights!

Thanks guys for braving the cold!

Until October enjoy your slideshow here!