Tuesday, May 29, 2007


After the long weekend and Rob being away a big day is finally here. Today is Rob's 27th birthday! I am so exicited! i love birthdays it is my favorite holiday if they count as a holiday! For those of you who do not know Rob he is my destination photographer/assistant, helper with the studio, handyman and boyfriend. We have not much planned for tomight but going out to eat at his favorite fast food joint Arby's! Thats what he wants to do. But anyhow I can't wait to give him is present! I will let you all know what it is just in case he checks this post today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB......boy have you not changed much!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's all GREEK to me!

Well things have been crazy so I have to catch up on the posting but this weekend was the offical kick off of wedding season! On friday was Jen & Kevin at Watersedge. Wait til you see the photos. They are such a HOT couple. You can really see how much they love each other.

But why I am blogging is that I am still on cloud nine about last nights wedding! Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a part of Cheyl & John's Greek Wedding...well John is the greek one. But anyhow I am such on cloud nine! Not only was they wedding party so much fun but Cheryl & John are a hot hot couple. A very powerful couple. Cheryl just takes to the camera and john just loves the camera. The reception was at the Aquaturf in kay's pier north with the cake by Kristen Lynn only the most awsome tasting cake! I had the pleasure of working with not only Marty Q, who by the way can sing, play sax, has a band and dj.....but I also had the pleasure of working with DOREMI, an awesome greek band from Boston. You should really check them out they are awesome!

The night was filled with high energy, tons of dancing, money throwing and of course dancing on tables! I really could of not asked for a better wedding. So on my way home last night it got me thinking. It's was weddings like this weekend why I do what I do. You have an awesome bride and groom, incredible wedding party and good energy at the reception that makes everything go together and a fun night. I believe work should not feel like work and if you are not having fun doing it then why do it? This is why I love what I do...it's not work it's a passion, art and FUN!

Coming by Wednesday photos from both weddings!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's Your blog worth?

So I was checking out my photog friend steve depino and saw he had this thing in how much his blog is worth. So i decided to check it out and to my surprise its worth $564.54. So to all my clients and friends who keep keeping tabs on me thanks!

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Super Exicited Week to Come!

Well I am gearing up to leave on Monday for 4 days to the PartnerCon Confrence in Chicago! I am so stoke to be going. Pictage, my online viewing company, has a confrence every year and this year I am heading off with some photog friends of mine Autumn and Justin and Mary. I think there might be a couple others all meeting up there.

But anyhow I am super STOKED cause I won a mentoring session with Liana Lehman! I have been following Liana on her blog and she has such an awsome eye for what she does: a photographer. She really inspires me especially with all the destination wedding that she does. Since that is a market I have gotten into and really love to do! I cant wait to learn all I can from her and pick her brain for an hour or two at my one on one with her.

So if you happen to shoot me an email please be patient for it may take a little longer to get back since I will be learning in Chicago! Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fishing Fun!

Okay........some of you may know but I LOVE TO FISH! To me it is one of the most relaxing things to do on a sunday or any day that is. With all the day to day stress, running a business and trying to keep with everything at imes I need just me time. Thats when I call up my best friend Christine and say lets get some beers and fish! And thats exactly what I did last sunday. Lonzy (her nickname), Aaron (her boyfriend) and I went down to one of my favorite spots to fish the Jeramey River. it is in an off shoot of the salmon river. It is a small river and very peaceful. The only fish that were caught that day were 2 small trout caught by yours truley!

Lonz and Arron

Lonz and me Nikki!

Look at how small the fish is you cant even really see it!


Dad wanted to do a homer simpson photo......love it!

A spoof on Charlie's Angels

I cannot stress the importance of a family photo. They are so important to have to capture that memory and importance of a family.

Above is a recent family protrait session I had in studio. I had such a blast! Everyone had such a great sense of humor and even pitched in on a few ideas which I always like. I always stress to my clients if you have a thought share it... I love working together to create a memory forever.

They Finally Tied The Knot!

On April 21st Maria & Joe finally tied the knot! This day has been long awaited for. I have had the pleasure of knowing Maria for about 3 years now and Joe has been a long time friend of my brother. This I have to say has been one of the BEST wedding partys to have worked with in a very long time. Granted I knew almost all the groomsmen...that would help. But no really Maria & Joe gave me so much time in between the ceremony and reception I had a field day. We started out on the steps of the Hartford Library / Court. The proceeded down to the Sailors Arch and then across the street to Bushnell Park. Luckily the weather permitted all this and it was warm and sunny!

Below are just a few from their day!

This one is my favorite from all day!

A little flare!

There was a great breeze that day. Love this totally candid moment!