Monday, April 23, 2007

Congrats Jessica & Rodney!

Okay it has been a busy week last week so I just got around to uploading these photos. But on April 7th Jessica & Rodney tied the knot! It was a beautiful sunny day but alittle bit on the chilly side. We had gone to City Hall in Hartford for some photos and then to the Pavillion On Crystal Lake for the rest. That is also where the recepetion was. Everything went so smooth and I could of not asked for a better day!

Jessica before the ceremony

I Love these next two photos! City Hall is awsome for photographing!

A couple at the lake

My Brother and Soon To Be Sister-In Law!

So right before the days and days of rain I took my brother Jon and my soon to be Sister-In law out for there engagements. It was a sunny but cloudy day. Which I Love for all even lighting! We decide on going to Hamanassett Beach and the Essex Trains for locations. It was so windy at the beach and quite chilly I give them lots of thanks for putting up with me and the weather. below are some of my favs. But the first ine I think is my real fav of all. They will be getting married on October 26 this year! I cannot believe it...its coming so soon. But I will be able to enjoy the wedding for Candace has asked me to be by her side that day as a bridesmaid. I am so honored!

This One is My Favorite!

And I really like this one too!

I love that they just climbed on up to get this shot!

Just a Couple More!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dog Gone Fun!

So last week I had Pet Portrait night partnered with Annie's Pet Spa, The proceeds are going to Out to Pasture...which is an animal rescues hope for the sick, elderly and abused. It was a very interesting night working with all the dogs. After it was all over I was completely exhausted. I never realized how much work it was photographing pets.

Boy isn't this Lab a Beauty? Look at his stance.

Some of the owners decided to join in on the fun!

Fell in love with this bulldog Patches

I called this one smiley...the dog looked like it was smiling in every photo!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Tropical Paradise Wedding

From March 22-25 Erika and I went to our first destination wedding this year in Aruba. Talk about paradise. I have been going through all the photos and we took for the last 2 weeks. Every time I go through them to edit I feel like I am back. It was so nice to play catch up with Cathy sister in-law Nikki. In October 2006 I had the pleasure of photographing NIkki and Danny's wedding. So it was awsome to see them again. I only wish they lived closer. Thats how I met Cathy and Casey.

Below are my favorite 3 photos from the wedding day. And do not forget to watch the slideshow to see more from the entire weekend. CLICK HERE to see the show!

Cathy and Casey THANK YOU so much for taking care of us and being so kind. You guys ROCK! We had so much fun and could of not asked for a better couple.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Engagements with Tara & Dave

So this Saturday was a busy weekend of shooting in studio and on location. I did a combination of engagement photos, high school seniors and baby portraits. Tara and David originally wanted to have some headshots done but cause the weather was so nice they asked if we could do some outdoors photos. i said of course but was a little pressed for time for traveling on location far. And I hate that. But then it dawned on me when they arrived to the studio. Down the street from my studio is the ferry and there is such great stuff (i will call it) around the landing. Old buildings, the train tracks and the river. So we headed down there. There were so many interesting spots to shoot at I was having a blast. No to mention Tara and Dave were so coropotive (if thats how you spell it) ha! At one point I had them against rusted fences and in wet leaves. Good sports guys and thanks! So below I choose some of my favs to share and soo n will post the slideshow of them. It was really hard to choose!

They Are So Darn Cute!

As most of you know my friend Julie has two kids Nolan who is 10 months and Kaytlin who is 2 years old. It is such a privilige to be able to document the two of them as they grow up. Nolan has changed so much from his frist photos at 8 weeks old til now. Kaytlin is such a cutie with her expressions and laughter. They keep getting better and better. But as it always is with 2 yr olds a challenge to photograph. BUt I have to say I would not have it any other day. Thats one thing I LOVE about children photograph. You never know hwat to expect and the one photo you might of had in mind is now totally different. Keeping you on your toes. Any how below are my 2 favs from the shoot and a slideshow of more of my favs. Even momma Julie got in for a couple!

CLICK HERE to see the show!