Thursday, November 27, 2008


HERE IT IS............ DRUM ROLL.................



I am soooooo excited to announce my very first art/photography show as an artist!

I have put together 9 amazing women photographers for a photography show interpreting our views on LOVE!!!!
All of us are in the industry of wedding and portrait photography and see love every day. But now we get to
show how we view love?

Our gallery opening is next Friday December 5th from 7-10pm.
The gallery is MAC 650, 650 main street, middletown
Come join us for some amazing art, refreshing beverages and alluring food!

If you want anymore information feel free to contact me Nikki!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Rob and I had our first offical adventure here in England.
Sunday AM Gaz and Aveen woke us up and we headed towards
the Delmare Forrest. The day started a bit chilly but sunny....sun
here is very rare this time of year.We walked into the forest and went Ape
at Go Ape! which is a high wire forest

Here Gaz, Aveen and Rob are getting ready to go ape!

There are many obstacles up in the trees to get through and at the end of each obstacle
was a zip line! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

Here is Rob going across one!

DUring the day the weather was touch and go..... windy rainy and then a rainbow!

After about 3 hours we did it and completed the course!

Sunday, November 23, 2008



Where you ask: Jolly ole ENGLAND!!!!!!!

Every year Rob and I make our way over to Bolton, England to visit Rob's old flat mates for THANKSGIVING!!!!

We always come over and stay with Aveen and Gaz. This summer Rob and I had the pleasure of having Aveen, Gaz and Carl come
over for a visit.

Well we are having a blast already and had this awesome adventure I cannot WAIT to tell you about.

Keeo tuned all week to see what we are up to and on Thanksgiving I have a big announcement for you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Missy came to CT last year from the midwest!
When i immediately meet her we clicked like two peas in a pod!

Missy shot on a couple of weddings last year and had her own this June!

She has an amazing fresh eye. I love how she sees all the place I have shot at in a fresh
new view. Just when I think I have done it all Missy comes in and BAM! Shows me something new!

Here are some recent shots from and engagement she did a couple of weeks ago.

I love this shot of the feet she got!

So here's the deal!

From now until December 17th ...... my birthday........ I am running an "economy is poor" deal!

I will give you $500.00 off ANY wedding day coverage for Missy!

To anyone who books an appointment to meet with Missy and books their Wedding Day by December 17th

Missy only takes 10 weddings a year and she has a couple of dates left....SO HURRY!!!!!!!

Check her out under our associate gallery! MISSY ROCKS!


I am SOOOOOOO exicied for this post!


Alot of you know Missy my associate wedding
photographer who kicks some serious butt!

Well she now had a new addition to her family BREVINN!!!!!

Brevinn is so cute and his hair so much of it!
C'mon look at that face!

So a couple of weeks ago I went over to visit Missy and Fam. We chit chatted and got some great moments!
What a moment with Vinn and Missy!

Some family shots! I know how hard it is to have the whole fam together!

Friday, November 14, 2008


It was spring of 2000 he lived on the 2nd floor and she lived on the third.
They became friends and hung out all the time. She even asked him to help
write a paper on the cold war. They laughed, they cried, they partied!

Now they are engaged!
Meet Kim & Ryan : ENGAGED

Meg and I started our day at Gampel on the Uconn campus. It was slightly raining so it was
a good place to start and warm up.

Ryan kept Laurie laughing and brought out her smiles!

I could not believe it that the gate was open and we could go onto the court!
Never ask just do!!!!!

after a bit we walked around outside.

I think this maybe my favorite of the day with Gampel behind!

We enjoyed the weather

Stopped in front of the old dorm in the Jungle where they met!

and climbed on some walls!

it was a good day!

Laurie & Ryan we cannot wait to phtoograph your wedding we know it is gonna
be a fun day filled with laughs!

Until July enjoy this slideshow here!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


"We became friends our freshman year in high school, pre algebra class.
We started dating our senior year in high school and have been together ever since!" -Kim

That's right Kim and Pete are High School sweethearts! And now they are getting ready to tie the knot
and make it official! But not until July 2009........

So........... what better way to end 2008 than to photograph their getting to know you session.
When talking to Kim on the phone I was asking her all kinds of question on what they like to do.
The WALA, BAM, POOF the idea finally struck!

Back to high school where they met! And get this Pete is the football coach there too!

What a perfect spot!

We meet on a beautiful Saturday morning and started out on the playground next to high school.
Come to find out if was at the elementary school Pete went to! C'mon!

Love the different angle Meg gets as I shoot above!

I LOVE this shot! Love the feel of it! Reminds me of a photo project....

Carla is always reminding me to push ourselves all the time.
So this time I was shooting out of the box!
Trying all different angles and what not!

Love this one! Right outside the high school!

Right in front where it all started!

And my fav of Meg of the day!

This one is my favorite of the day! All that negative space ahhhhh!

Kim and Pete we cannot wait for your wedding day!

Until then enjoy your slideshow!

Friday, November 07, 2008


It all began in 8th grade.....

She was a teen girl and he was a cute teen boy......

"we saw each other over the next 3 years at various soccer events and reconnected before our senior year.... we've been together ever since." - Kaitlin

Meet Kaitlin & Denny : Engaged!

I met Kaitlin just a couple of months ago as she came through the doors and said... I getting married the day after Christmas! We instantly connected and I got so excited! Her passion for life and for Denny just lit up her eyes!

Kaitlin & Denny's other love is Cassidy!......... their beloved pug!

How cute is she!

Meg caught this one of them....also look Meg has her own logo so you can tell who took the shot! She has a M instead of the N!

We started our shoot out at the Wethersfield Cove. This really is a perfect spot for an engagement session. There is so much to walk around and see! The weather was perfect!

We walked around letting Cassidy get comfortable.

So as we walked around I found the amazing patch of light and of course we stopped.
Meg caught this angle!

And I caught this!

These next 2 I LOVE!
If you have not noticed yet I have a thing for black and white this post!
As always says you can get intimate photos anywhere!

We found an awesome field to play in!
Thanks Denny for being a good sport about it!
Hope you did not get any ticks!

Since Kaitlin & Denny have a love for soccer we of course had to
go to the fields nearby!

Some cuddle time!

And some fun!
I LOVE Kaitlin's laugh and smile!

We cannot wait till the wedding day!