Thursday, August 10, 2006

Madeline & Sophia

My friend Julie brought in her nieces for some portraits. Madeline who is 4 and Sophia is 1 1/2. What a session! Madeline does not look 4 she looks so much older and sophisticated. Who heard of a sophisticated 4 year old? We all had a great time and got some wonderful shots.

Krystin & Dan

July 29, 2006
Aqua Turf

What a day for pictures! I had the best time taking photos with these two. Krystin and Dan thanks for being so easy. Thank your wedding party also for being so corporative. It had to be almost on the hottest wedding days this season yet. It was the start of the heat wave that blew threw new england and these two were troopers. Anything for that photo I always say. I got some great shoots at the Aqua Turf on their incredible grounds. It also helped that we had so much time. Everything went smooth as glass.