Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well it is that time of the year again when stockings are hung by the
fireplace and children stay up all night hoping to see santa and his
8 tiny reindeer.

When family traditions come together and presents are exchanged. Wine
is flowing and you can see food for tables and tables.

That's right it is CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Below is the card I sent out this year for Rob and I to family and friends.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and stay warm and safe!

See you next year!!!!!

Monday, December 08, 2008


It is that time of the year everyone is trying to get their holiday portraits done
and holiday shopping done!

And what better way to kick off the holiday season other than shooting
portraits of my niece KENDRA!!!!!

Kendra is now 10 months old and crawling!

Her personality is really starting to develop and her teeth too!

The Many Faces of KENDRA!!!!!!!

I also thought that this was the perfect time to capture so baby bum time!

Now Come on Seriously!

This just makes my day!




Checked of another goal on my 101 in 1001 days!
I have been wanting to shoot with Carla for awhile now and I finally got to on October 18th!

Yeah yeah I know it was awhile back but I am just catching up on blogging!

I think one of the best things you can do as a photographer is to second shoot or even be a
guest photographer on someone else's wedding!

I had that chance back in October. I had the pleasure of accompanying Carla and Mike on a wedding! I learned so much and had so much fun!

i am always looking for new creative ways to shoot the wedding dress.
Sometimes I get very stumped when in a hotel but not after shooting
with carla. She got me all inspired and gave me alternative ideas!


I love these 2 shots.

The first one of the bride Mallory is just so calm

Mike and Carla are the kings of siluottes and they inspired me to see group shots

These next 3 are amazing to me.
I am amazed how I caught so much emotion between the bride and her father
right before they go down the asile


Now the sun was going down and Carla totally
threw me under the bus by surprise.
All of a sudden she was like Nikki the bride!

So here is what I took!


Portrait time!

Remember as Carla tells me any place any time intimate portrait!

Thanks Carla and Mike for letting me tag along that day!

Let me know when you want to come out with me!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Fall time is all about enjoying the weather and taking in those last semi warm days in!
Fall time is also about getting your holiday photos done before the big rush!

Meet : The Violette Family

I have know Marissa and Mark for many years from high school.
Recently I got to reconnect with them at a wedding over the summer.
Recently i got a phone call from Marissa all excited. The bride got her family
a gift certificate and now I have a chance to do their family photo.

We started our day at one of my favorite spots. The Rocky Hill Ferry. I love
shooting here. The train tracks, the greenery and so much to explore.

I started off shooting the kids Juliana and Dominick.

I started at the train tracks and by this amazing red barn structure!

Dominick is just too much.....

Here are the many faces of him!

More precious faces.......

Family Time: