Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Back!!!!!

So most of you know last week Thursday - Sunday I was in Aruba for a wedding. I am still floating on cloud nine from that wedding. Cathy and Casey were such a great couple! Thanks guys for having Erika and I for your special day!

I am working so hard on getting some pics up from the wedding on the beach at sunset. Aruba has the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Being near the equator would help. The weather was awesome like 82 every day and breeze. I am right now working on the photos and thinking about the ceremony puts tears in my eyes.

Julie & Rich Part 2

Well things have been crazy this past week and I finally have gotten a chance to post some pics from my March 17th wedding. If you all remember that day was a snowy day. The day before we had a huge snow storm in March! But I will say the snow made for some amazing photographs as you can see.

I also have to say I love black and white photographs...I just feel it captures emotion so much. My favorite candid from the entire wedding is the last one below of Julie and Rich dancing. It really captures the day and who they are.

Julie thanks so much for being brave and going ou tin the snowy mess for photos. Also thanks for being so patient with me getting these up for you to see. Also below is a slideshow of the day!

CLICK HERE to see the show!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Julie & Rich

March 17, 2007
St. Clement's Castle

I am so excited still about last nights wedding. Despite the snowy weather I had a blast photographing julie and rich's wedding yesterday. Julie is so filled with energy and spunk we really just click. It was a long day starting at 11am and ending at 11pm but so well worth it. I was even so amazed when I asked julie if we can go outside for photos and her answer was "YEAH"! then I was even more excited. The dance floor was rocking thanks to Todd from the Powerstation. I have only been able to have a sneak peek at the photos from last night but what i can say is that I am sooooo excited about them. Check back on wednesday for photos from the event!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Early St Patrick's day!

Since I will be photographing a wedding tomorrow I wanted to wish all a HAPPY ST PATTY'S DAY! Drink a beer for me!

I will be at St Clements Castle tomorrow...hope this weather clears up.

BY the way is the snow ever going to stop??????? When is spring coming????


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

FUN with BUNNIES part 2!

So as promised I have gotten together my favorites from the bunny shoot last Saturday 03/10/07. I really had so much fun with all the kiddies I am looking forward to this Sunday's shoot. That's right for anyone who did not get a chance to participate last weekend this sunday 03/18/07 from 10-2 will be another chance to be with the bunnies! But I do advise to call 860.436.6937 for an appointment for I am almost booked up.

There were so many good ones to choose from so I have created a slideshow for you to see of them. CLICK HERE to see the show!

okay for some reason i cannot uploard any photos I will try later but enjoy the show!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bunny Weekend

So most of you might know that this past Saturday March 10th I had a crazy live bunny shoot. That's right I had 2 live bunnies here in the studio and was doing sessions for children. At first it was crazy but thanks to Nicole, my new assistant/helper, things went smoothly. The only craziness was that Honey, one of the bunnies, kept running off the set. I will be posting some photos from the sittings and a slideshow on Wednesday. So stay tuned!

-Nikki -

Courtney & Matt

My favorite part of getting to know my clients is their engagement sitting. I love to talk to them and find out how they met, what they like to do and most important how they photograph. I feel knowing my client before the wedding is so important. They get a feel for me and how I work. And when the big day arrives they are excited to see me!

Courtney and Matt came in last week or was it the week before? Either way because of the cold we decided to capture their engagements in-doors at my studio. This is one option I love having now that I have my studio. I am so glad we did their engagments for I realized what blinkers they both are! This is going to be a big help on their wedding day.

Anyways...we had a good time. I was happy to see them especially since they booked me about 1 1/2 year ago. It was nice to chit chat and find out how the plans are coming along for the big day June 23!

To see more photographs from their sitting CLICK HERE

Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm an M&M!

So I was checking out a photo buddy Brian Khang's blog and saw he made himself into an M&M. I thought it was funny so went to the website and became an m&m myself. Mine is funny if you know me cause I have myself drinking...which you all may know margaritas are my fav. And I am also in paradise some where...and once again I am not a beach person for I burn burn burn! So I made myself into a red m&m for 1. it's my fav color and 2. i just burn in the sun ha!

If you want to become an m&m go to HERE

P.S. The turtle is funny cause my brother and I had a pet turtle named T the turtle. He is now living with a friend but I thought I'd have him join me in the pic ha!

Friday, March 02, 2007

We All Have Something Common!

So this past Wednesday night I hosted at my studio the 2nd PUG meeting. For those of you who don't know what PUG is, it is a group of photographers that all belong to Pictage and PUG stands for Pictage User Group. When Justin and Mary first asked me if I would host the meetings initally I was so excited. Finally a group of photographers gettting together and learning from each other. I was stoked. I was ready to start attending the NYC meetings but finally someone decide to start a group here!

So this past Wednesday we had our 2nd meeting and we had 27 photographers! WOW! We doubled our meeting from last month. Brian Khang and Mary spoke about blogging. How important it is to keep our clients up to date on what we are doing. I could not agree with them more! I want everyone to be able to get a sense of who I am and what I do before meeting me. Matthew Wagner spoke about slideshows and even taught me some new things I did not know.

I cannot tell you how great it is to finally have a great group of photographers to hang out with, learn from and make friends from. I cannot wait till our next meeting on March 21st.