Friday, December 15, 2006

They Grow Up So Fast!

Every year I do Madison and Morgaynn's christmas photos and cards. I feel privilged that I have been able to see them grow up over the years. It has been about 9 years of doing their photos. I feel like they are almost family! Morgaynn just had her 10th birthday! Happy birthday Morgaynn and Maddie is now 6! WOW! This is the first year we decided to do studio photos and as you will see kids will be kids! Merry Christmas Girls!

Like I said kids will be kids!


Marisa & Mike Got Hitched!

On December 2nd I had the pleasure of photographing Marisa and Mike's wedding. The day went off without a hitch! They had their ceremony at one of the most beautiful churches in Waterbury the Immaculate. After we headed to the Palace Theater for photos and then Villa Rosa for reception. I had the pleasure of working with once again DJ Keith Allen. Thanks Keith for a rocking party!

The Dress

This is my favorite photo of the entire day!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back From England!

Hello all! I a have been back from England now for about 2 weeks and boy did I have a good time! Below are some photos from the vacation Rob and I went on. Rob use to live in England for school and has kept in touch with some of his flat mates. This is the 2nd year I have joined him and every year is better and better -nikki

Left to right: Sara, Gaz, rob, Me, Matt & Aveen

Aveen & Me

Gaz Carving My Turkey Day Turkey!

Rachael, Ali, Aveen, Me & Kira

The Boys: Gaz, Rob, Sherman and JP