Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My favorite and only niece Kendra is now 6 months!
This little girl really has my heart! Every time I see her
I just melt.... she is the cutest little girl ever! Well
at least I think so!!!!!

So now 3 months later Kendra is sitting up, laughing, giving kisses,
and stealing my heart... watch out Rob!

Here is Kendra 3 months ago:

and here is Kendra at 6 months!!

Mommy put her in the little leopard dress I gave her!
Of course I gave her something leopard!!

As usual Kendra did not want to corporate and had her moments.

I love these next ones Kendra so classic and timeless.

I could not decide whether I liked this one in
Black and White or color..... you decide!

What a personality!

And here is the entire family!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have not blogged anything in awhile I noticed about what i have been up to!

Almost 1 year ago I joined a new gym and got on this quest of losing weight and having hopes of becoming the next oxygen magazine cover girl! In these hopes and dreams (that's right more like dreams) I meet Merle!

This is a candid shot of Merle!

Merle was a personal trainer at my gym I currently go to and we hit it off from the start. He put up with all my complaining about one more rep in weight lifting to my cry about not losing weight. I do have to say he is an AMAZING trainer!

So in the past year I have been training with him and now Merle has opened his own variation of a gym called CROSSFIT USA. Crossfit is a national way of getting fit. It is not your conventional go on the treadmill and do a 100 reps of the same weight lift type of training. It is more of strength fitness with a cardio workout. Here is a sample warm up that you do when training with Merle.

Warm up:
500 meter row on the row machine
3 sets of 10 squats
3 sets of 10 push ups, sit ups and pull ups
another 500 meter row!

That's just the warm up!

Then your actual workout is intense!

I have had the pleasure of traing with Merle the past couple of weeks and I LOVE IT!
If you love to lift weights but getting bored at the gym this is surely the cure! And the best part is it is not a membership gym it is a pay as you go type of place!

Anyhow last week I had the pleasure of shooting some photos for Merle of the place check it out!

Here is Merle training on guy!

I am telling you this type of workout is like no other!

So what are you waiting for give Merle a call try out a workout! I will go with you if you would like!

Tell him Nikki sent you and you will get 1 FREE WORKOUT!

Oh and he is also offering row classes on Saturday mornings also now too! His row classes are a combo of rowing and strength exercises for 30 minutes and that class will have you falling over! I PROMISE!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I first meet Michele & Ashley almost 2 years ago!

I can remember talking to them about their wedding day and the up coming events.
Boy does 2 years fly by!

Here we are 09.13.08

The place: Farmington Club
The couple: Michele & Ashley
The reason: They are getting MARRIED!!!!!

I knew from the begining how much Ashley and Michele loved each other. All the trials and tribulations
they have gone through for their love. I knew they were both full of life,love and excitement!

Meg and I started off our day with the boys!
When we arrived Ash was all full of smiles and just could not wait to see his bride Michele.
I thought it was so cute that Ash had a sponge bob band aid on!

The it was off to see Michele and the girls!
Michele's dress was amazing and fit her so perfect!
This photo is just so classic.. the light ahhhhh the light!

Michele had these amazing shoes by Grace.

One of the groomsmen came with a rose and a card from Ash.
Here the girls are getting a brief read of how sweet Ash is!
I love their expressions!

Michele right after she got her dress on!
Her expression is so timeless

What an intimate moment Meg caught between Michele and her flower girl.
This moment was right before we were about to go get married.

Going to get married:


After the ceremony we went to Elizabeth Park. The flowers were in bloom for the fall
and the colors were amazing........ I will say due to the weather I have NEVER see Elizabeth
Park more buggier! Thanks Michele and Ashley for dealing with the bugs.....it was YUCK!
But well worth it!

While I got the above shots Meg captured this amazing expression!

This one is my Fav of the day!

First Dance..... Second Rounds of Emotions

Lastly My FAV candid of the night caught by Miss Megan!

Michele and Ash thanks so much for having us and putting up with buggie Elizabeth Park!

To see more photos and a mini slideshow CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!

The new 5D!!!!!

I am soooooooo exicited I am doing my happy dance around the room!

I have been waiting and waiting for Canon to catch up with Nikon and FINALLY!!!!

My soon to be new baby:


I cannot wait to meet you this fall at the photo expo in nyc!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Karen & Chris got married 1 year ago September 2nd!

Last fall when she got married Karen mentioned getting in her dress again and having an after shoot.

Here is the thing... Karen is a very good friend and I was in her wedding! So by her doing this it was really
for me! She was giving me a chance to shoot an after shoot!

We had so much fun!

I love to shoot at Hamonassett Beach! There are so many great little nooks to shoot in!
My favorite spot is by the rocks!
Look how cool the rock formations are!

These two are so romantic. You can really see the love between the two of them!

Like I mentioned sooooo many spots to shoot!

How often do you see a tree at the beach??

These next 4 are my favorites! I love the wind blowing in Karen's hair... the water breaking on the surf...
their expressions!

Thanks Karen & Chris for giving me a day of fun!
Oh and Happy 1st Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Julie and Hayden are such an adorable couple I do not know where to start.

Julie and Hayden meet through mutual friends in Newport, RI. Their friendship turned into love!

Both of them live in boston but the wedding in just a couple of weeks is in Newport!!!!!

Meg and I drove up a couple of weeks ago to Charlestown, Ma to meet Julie and Hayden.
Before the engagement Julie and I have just exchanged emails and phone calls.... soooo
i was super excited to finally meet the two of them!

We started at the navy ship yard... right down the street from their home.
Meg totally pulled this on off! I love the compostion and the expressions she caught!

I realized while photographing the two of them that when you disappear and hide
Hayden and Julie become so intimate!

After the ship yard we poked around and found this beautiful
shaded, grassy spot.

I love this shot Meg caught! They are just so relaxed!

We found this awesome spot that you could see Boston in the background!

On our way out there were all these anchors of different sizes to play on!

This shot is one of my favorites of the day!
I love Julie's expression!

Thanks Julie and Hayden for fun that day!

We cannot wait for the clam bake in Newport!!!!!