Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Where do I even start? I have been going through these photos for awhile and today got so exctied about the wedding all over again I had to blog and get something up!

It all started when Betsy and Kersten came in and met with me. They originally planned a wedding for this past June at the Farmington Club. During our meeting I asked her WHY NOT GREECE? Only for alot of her family lived in Greece...the mainland that is. Well after our meeting they wanted a contract but instead of returning it they called me and said they changed their wedding to Santorini, Greece!

I was exstatic! Now most know I do alot of Greek wedding here in the states so I was stoked about doing a Greek wedding in similar was it to the ceremonys here? I was so excited for the bright white and blue colors of the island, the georgous views for photography, the experience and best of all going with Betsy and Kersten! I could not ask for a better couple!

I was also excited for now this made me an International Destination Photographer yeah!!!!!!

Either way I was stoked!

So we landed in Santorini 2 days before the wedding and got to met Margarita and Maria who took Rob and I around the island alittle and showed us the Greek Church and Venues. I could not believe how small the church was and also to find out there was 250 churches on this little island!

Well now the wedding day came and it was georgous...about 95 but no skies and a beautiful bride. The ceremony was exactly the same as home except instead of the father walking down the bride he walks her to the front of the church and give her to the groom outside. Then the priest walks the bride and groom into the church. Another interesting fact is they can throw rice inside the church during a certain part of the ceremony.

Either the way I will let you look at the photos and watch the slide show. And let the photos speak for themselves!

Rob took this one before the ceremony all the guys hanging out love it!

Love the color and lines in this one!

The bride and groom!

Amazing sunset!

A little fun!

The bride's parents on the table .....yes plates were broken!

Lastly the slideshow!!!!!!!


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