Friday, June 15, 2007

Jen & last its up!

MAY 18th is the big day which jen and kevin tied the knot. Itwas such a privilege for me to be able to photograph the wedding. I have know kevin since maybe junior high and to be a part of his special day it was awesome!

The day went off with out a hitch...despite the rain in the early part of the day and the misty rain when we went for photos everything else was spectacular. The reception was at Watersedge in Westbrook and Shark Entertainment did a faboulus job with the party music.

A big thanks to Krystal for coming along and helping capture the day girl you rock.

Below are a couple of favorites from the day!

These were taken at City Hall in Hartford..Love that place for indoor photos!

This one was by the fabulous Krystal Love the angle Thanks Krystal again!

Okay this one was just for fun..of ME!

Krystal and me trying to do a self capture...not the best


Studio Foto said...

Hey Nik!! It was fun to shooting with you! I'm glad you posted the shot I took with the car- I liked how that shot came out too...

nikki nicole photography said...

Hey krys! I had a blast we need to do it again some time! I know I love that shot you took!

lauramkelley said...

Love the car shot and the tongue shot. I think for me that would be a better picture of me that late in the wedding. Funny verses tired and worn out looking.... Very cute. You look like great fun.