Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An evening on Fairfield Beach

When Meghan and Chris called me for their engagements i asked them what is an important spot to the 2 of them. Meghan mentioned the fairfield beach. They 2 of them met at fairfield college so they have spent many days at this beach on the private section of the beach. So I went down at my favorite time of the day about 6pm to catch the sunset light which is always gorgeous at the shore. As usual by the end of the shoot I was wet head to toe for I decided to lay in the wet sand and the tide decided to come in. But it was worth it for the shots I got!


Mary Bess said...

ooh #2 & #3 are SUPER fun!! looks like you've been one busy gal lately!!

nikki nicole photography said...

Thanks Mary they were fun...I loved the boats just hanging out there. it has been crazy...but this week is nice!