Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10.12.07 = LOVE

So the past 2 weekends have been busy.....but that's October for you. The month of October becomes like a wedding windwhirl...everyone wants to try and catch the cool air or the changing of the leaves. One thing I always tell my couples....Do Not plan your wedding day for the reason on the cool air or the foliage. Perfect example my 10.12.07 wedding. It was cool....very cool...windy and rainy in the am!

Now to the blog....

Val and Joe

LOVE THEM! They are just so sweet and in love! No matter what Val doe not seem to let anything get her down.

This wedding was extra special though see I meet Val over a year ago and had the pleasure of photographing one of her friends wedding Marisa. I then got to see Val again at her Joe's sister's wedding, Cheryl in May.

Any how it was so nice to see all my past brides and my up-coming bride Marcey which is Val's sister.

Okay enough about that......on to the day!

Everything went smoothly...we ended up doing photos at The Palace in Waterbury, then downtown waterbury, then the Farmington Club. Thats where the reception was at too!

As usual they did an amazing job with the service! Marty Q rocked the house! He brings such and elegance to the evening. Not only is he a DJ but he plays the sax and sings! He is awesome at Sinatra!

Well the night came to an end and well you just can check out the photos and the show at the end!

Thanks Val and Joe for having me be a part of your special day!


Inside the Palace Theater

Love these next 3!

Love the lighting here!

First dance moment



kristen leigh photography said...

Wow! Nikki, these are beautiful!
You are fabulous :D

nikki nicole photography said...

ohh thank you kristen!