Tuesday, October 02, 2007

09.21.07 = A + S

Where do I even start?

Everything you could imagine to go wrong on your wedding day almost happened. The flowers for the guys JUST making it to the church, the vdeo guy being in most your shots of the bride coming down the asile (okay that was mine), bugs going up your wedding dress and getting trapped, and the DJ not being there when you get there for cocktail, , ....it all happened...but Alicia and Saulo was such a good sport about it all. Never did I see either of them shead a tear of fear!

All in all the day went smoothly!

Alicia looked so amazing...the camera just loves her! It has to be that smile she had on her face at all times! Saulo compliments her very well and together they are such a team!

Well guys after 7 years of dating and all that you have been through the day has finally come and gone. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day and enjoy the memories that you have!

I am loving the shoes latley!

Look at the light i was able to catch LOVE IT!

Alicia in the moment!

Arriving to the ceremony

Alica and Saulo take a moment

Look how awsome Alicia looks!

And as always a slideshow!

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