Wednesday, November 07, 2007



The month of October was by far the busiest month for weddings..... so to all my October brides and grooms

THANK YOU for being so patient the end of next week all my wedding should be online....actually they have to be online for viewing!

Also in the month of October my brother got married which I still have to blog about and will get to by the end of next week if not sooner. I know I have to that even spelt right?

I also had alot of engagement shoots which I have to upload and blog about to!

Note to self for next year... I will only be taking on about 20 weddings. Why you ask.....for this reason alone I am swaped with work which is normally a good thing but I feel as if I am not paying as much attention to my couples as I would like. And that is SUPER IMPORTANT to ME!

I am behind on blogging....editing till all hours of the night and well.....I have even Megan super swamped with work

Okay enough complaining........

Lastly I have to get all this done not only for you guys my clients but I am leaving on VACATION!

Yes thats case you don't know each year for Thanksgiving Rob and I go to England to visit our frineds Gaz and Aveen and the gang. I make a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving and we celebrate there. It has been tradition for about 3 years now. So I am leaving next friday the 16th but I will be blogging from there to keep you all informed.

Okay so now back to editing!

Have a Great day!



Picture Perfect Photography said...

Hey Nikki!
I was just wondering, how did you get the layout on your blog to look so amazing?? I really like it! Hope to see you next week!! (I'll bring a bottle of wine)
<3 M

nikki nicole photography said...

hey michele

i customized it...i made my own background and header.
i wont be at the meeting i am leaving for vacation fri

Nikki said...

Hi Nikki! Just checking out your site today... Wow, seems like Aruba was yesterday. Hopefully we'll get to see you soon. Glad to see you're doing well. Have a blast over seas!!!

Nikki Hampton